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2015-02-07 11:59:06
Foto: 10 I'm still uncomfortable with the brosndeas of your UT claims, but at least your conclusion is a bit more prudent this time.I'm also uneasy with the statement that the Frost Tower is so idiosyncratic (301 Congress and 100 Congress seem to also seem to edge out bus over rail). I'm not so sure it is, but this is based on a rather cursory look through a downtown office real estate site. I searched through the COA GIS files to try to find a shapefile that contains office space/zoning data. I would like to overlay varying commute times by transportation mode (yes, the 101 included, of course) which would provide a much more precise test of your(and my) claim(s). Anyone have any thoughts on where to get this, or am I just missing it?
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